We are lucky enough to be able to use incredible instruments and equipment, it makes all the difference!

Banjos- Clareen

Clareen Elite Banjos made by master luthiers Tom and Fintan Cussen. The best banjos we’ve ever played.
Telephone: +353 91 796156

Mandolins- Collings & Shapiro

Collings Mandolins are made in Austin, Texas, we play MF and MT series mandolins. Some of the world’s best mandolins in our opinion

We use Dave Shapiro O- Style Mandolins, handmade in Doolin, Clare.

D.I. and Pickup- L.R. Baggs

Our electronics are by L.R. Baggs, we use Venue D.I., Para D.I. and I Beam Guitar and Radius Mandolin Pickups. L.R. Baggs equipment delivers great sound and reliability every time.

Strings- Elixir & Perkins

We use Elixir NanoWeb strings on Mandolins and Guitars

We use Andy Perkins Traditional Instruments Banjo strings.

Guitars- lowden

We play Lowden Guitars, handcrafted in the North of Ireland.

fiddle – Kuros Torkzadeh

All Fiddle repair and maintenance is done by Kuros, based here in Galway

Cases- Eagle Music

Our cases are made and supplied by Steve Noon at Eagle Music in the UK

Bodhran- Cladddagh Bodhrans

Our Bodhrans are made by Mick Vignoles of Claddagh Bodhrans

Stompbox- Porchboard

We use Micro-Bass Porchboard for bass kick drum on stage

G7th Capos

We use G7th guitar and banjo capos

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