Roots to Rise LIVE

Billboard Bluegrass #1 

“The Roots to Rise Live album shows very clearly that award winning Irish Band We Banjo 3 are a fantastic live act. Packed full of intricate banjo and fiddle playing, some beautiful vocals and lots of enthusiastic audience participation, it’s clear they are not a band to be missed when touring.”—Americana UK

“The band is a must see live, but if you can’t, this album will take you there.”—The Country Note

“We Banjo 3 immediately won over the crowd with their energetic, thought-provoking lyrics and unique blend of bluegrass and traditional Celtic music…One of their greatest qualities is also their energy and ability to engage an audience. It didn’t take long for the band to have them to their feet dancing, and going so far as to even having a dance contest on stage for the the best and worst dancers. Their ability to include the audience from the very first song cemented their likability to those newcomers as well as those who have already seen and drank from the We Banjo 3 Koolaid.”—NYS Music

“Some bands are bigger than words. Larger than life, they jump off the page, exceed the parameters of their descriptors. We Banjo 3 is one such band. On paper, they are a ‘grassroots crossover sensation’ of Irish trad, bluegrass and Americana, but in person, they are much, much more. This quartet’s jubilant onstage energy makes its way into your toes, hands, and muscles, as if inciting a chemical reaction. If you don’t catch this band live soon, you’ll be missing out on one the best shows Irish music has to offer.”–Irish Echo    

“And live, they turn into the jammiest of jambands with three speeds: fast, faster and fatest.  Except when they go for the high lonesome back porch Appalachian folk aesthetic.”—The Aquarian Weekly

“Their music is enhanced by their dynamic stage show. Fergal Scahill on fiddle and bodhran fired the crowd up, changing tempos while lead singer David Howley encouraged crowd participation. Enda Scahill is a master of the tenor banjo, playing some flat-picking that was sheer virtuosity. …By the end of the set, the crowd was up and screaming for more. Don’t miss these guys.”—Music Fest News, Oct 2019

“A well-made live album aims to capture as much of that kinetic energy as possible, making the experience as close to the real thing as can be gotten. Irish quartet We Banjo 3 have found that balance on their new live record Roots to Rise.”—Concert Hopper

“And if you’ve never had the chance to experience this crew live, the appreciative Ann Arbor will hip you to what you have been missing—of course, as will the band.  Recorded with a you-are-there directness, this is how a roots music crew sounds when kicking it out at the top of their game.  Dazzling and dazing, they take it back to when the Hatfields and the McCoys first migrated from Great Britain to resume their feud in Appalachia and they blast it forward form there.  Just plain killer stuff that raises the bar for roots.​” – Midwest Record Review

“The CD is Incredible! Perfect for a drive with the moon roof open and the speakers cranked.”—Rick Reyer, Wisconsin Public Radio

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