We Banjo 3 Tune Book

The Book With 2 Front Covers!

“40 Solos for the Irish Tenor Banjo is an outstanding resource for banjo players wishing to better know and understand ornamentation and variation. With this tutor, WeBanjo3 has given us a resource young banjoists will undoubtedly turn to for years to come” Daniel Neely, Irish Echo

Ever Wondered How To Win Banjo Competitions?

Here’s How. Or How Not.

Martin Howley was an expert at winning the All-Ireland Banjo Competition and has 7 titles to prove it. Enda Scahill, on the other hand, was more likely to get disqualified for zany tune choice and even zanier variations! David Howley would go one better and sit in both camps simultaneously!

Our new book of banjo solos features 20 great Irish tunes tastefully arranged with ornamentation, variations and chords. The tunes are played twice through to demonstrate the development and interpretation of the tune.

Flip the book over and you have 20 brilliant “Irish-ish” tunes with great ornamentation, tricks, flicks, and madcap variations! Again played twice through.

Every tune in the book is fully transcribed capturing every note, triplet, treble, slide, hammer-on, pull-off, string bend and chord that is played on the accompanying CDs. We’ve even included TAB for our American friends!

We also kidnapped the extremely talented Fergal Scahill and got him to accompany all the tunes on the guitar. He really made us sound good!

Here are some tracks from the book:

Tune List

Jig : Cailleach an Airgid
Jig : The Castle Jig
Jig : The Woods of Old Limerick
Jig : Harding’s Jig
Jig : The Primrose Vale
Jig : The Rambler
Jig : Tom Billy’s
Hornpipe : The Blackbird
Hornpipe : The Liverpool
Hornpipe : The Cuckoo’s Nest
Hornpipe : The Wonder Hornpipe
Reel : Gerry Cronin’s
Reel : Ormond Sound
Reel : The Mullingar Races
Reel : The Flooded Road to Glenties
Reel : Colonel Fraser
Reel : The Convenience
Reel : Mother’s Delight
Reel : Farewell to Leitrim
Reel : Dinny O’Brien’s

Tune List

Jig : Mouse In The Kitchen
Jig : Nina’s Jig
Jig : Harry-O
Jig : Farewell To Whalley Range
Old-Time : Sail Away Ladies
Hornpipe : The Londonderry
Waltz : The Ash Grove
Hornpipe : The First Of June
Old-Time : Poor Old Liza Jane
Scottische : The Thistle Scottische
Polka : The Bluebell Polka
Polka : Over The Waterfall
Reel : Pressed For Time
Reel : Into The Valley
Reel : Jackson’s Polka
Reel : The Singing Stream
Reel : Bill Cheatum
Reel : The Contradiction
Reel : The American Polka
Reel : Guns Of The Magnificent Seven

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